For over a decade, Imagenius fx has led the way in technology solutions for the Middle Eastern real estate industry and architectural design visualization by inspiring great ideas and vision.

From virtual reality to animation, renderings, and complete interactive solutions, Imagenius fx has made dreams and visions a reality.

 We use our extensive knowledge in computer graphics and presentation techniques to introduce to our clients just about everything they need for their real-estate promotion campaigns and design visualization. We have also been working closely with architectural firms all over the world to help them present their designs in a photorealistic manner.


Architectural Design Visualization

Our realistic 3D renderings and walkthroughs are used to produce full design visualization videos for your client presentations and design competitions. Just supply us with your 2D CAD files and your design vision and we will do the rest.


Interactive Virtual Reality:

VR technology allows you to control your avatar and go wherever you want in the Virtual World we create for you. Whether you are using a joystick or a mouse, you can fly through your project, open doors and interact with objects.  



The new interactive TouchScreens opened a lot of possibilities which made it an essential marketing and design visualization tool. Now your clients can go through your Electronic Brochure or Design Presentation Data and get all the information, the way you want them to, in a new and interesting way.